This page was created in October, 2000,
and modified in August, 2001.
Other than this note, posted in spring 2003,
the page is unchanged since:
a musky cyberdoc
locked in the archive for any and all to see.

The corndancer.com website
is an internet-based laboratory
created to facilitate the dynamic development
of computer language skill sets,
education initiatives,
business success concepts and formulas,
e-commerce seed projects,
and website design and management.

Although its founders didn't intend for it to be so when they launched it, the website has grown, quite comfortably, into a non-commercial and rent-free zone. (Which is more than we can say for the structure of that sentence.)

Corndancer.com also provides an unfettered venue
for writers to publish without corporate constraint
and to archive written works for their readers.
It provides online gallery space
for artists and artisans to display their creations.
For each of the practitioners who fashion its content,
corndancer.com is a gateway into the Great Game
of Ideas, Persuasion, and Consequence.

Maintained by Ebenezer Baldwin Bowles
and a byted crew of interns and associates,
the site was launched on Tuesday, July 18, 2000.

The site after one year of life
remains a work in progress.
If you browse a while,
you'll notice some empty pockets,
but there's always room to grow
before the time comes
to gather the harvest and enjoy the Corn Dance.