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By Joseph Dempsey Cayenne

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I suppose that at one time,
this ailing structure was home to a family. One would also surmise that decades in the double digits have ticked off since the last nail (the first time around) was driven.

If this is true,
a working father, a stay-at-home mom, and a smattering of offspring claimed this location as home. Perhaps there was a dog and or cat. Some chickens. And a garden with okra, corn and some species of pea. (Peas, that's another story in and unto itself. There are field, crowder and black-eyed . . . all competing to be boiled alive with some of the more tasty parts of a hog).

Meanwhile, back at the building,
if all before the pea digression is true, the building is endemic of our times. Stay-at-home moms have all but become extinct. Back yard gardens (the ones that produce edible products for creatures besides bugs) have similarly fallen into disfavor and I might add, displeasure. This discussion could drag on ad nauseum, but by now you get the drift.

On a purely objective level,
this may not be all bad. Had all of this not happened, this dadgum old building would not have been available for me to capture. Even if it didn't, the result is the same. I got the shot and have no complaints. All of which supports my contention that a bit of imagination sprinkles a tad of cayenne to every day.

N O T E :  
The structure is in Stone County, Arkansas, southeast of Mountain View. Captured with Nikon D200 in raw format and messed with using Photoshop CS3.


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