The Soundtrack of Your Life


Music has become an integral part of human existence.  It motivates us, calms us, inspires us, at times irritates us, and basically becomes the backdrop against which we live our lives.  Songs can bring vivid memories of persons, places, and events from our own past and serve to document our thoughts, feelings, and emotions at a given time or place.


Part II Assignment:  You have at least eight events chosen and songs picked out to accompany each event.  Just as music producers do, try to create a progression in the sequence of your chosen songs.  For example, your songs might be listed in the chronological order of the events they document, or they might be mixed together so that all of the slow songs are not back-to-back.  DO NOT just list them randomly.  Put some thought into the order of your songs and the complete package you are presenting.


Song Title                                                        Artist or Group


Track 1 ______________________________________       ________________________


Track 2 ______________________________________       ________________________


Track 3 ______________________________________       ________________________


Track 4 ______________________________________       ________________________


Track 5 ______________________________________       ________________________


Track 6 ______________________________________       ________________________


Track 7 ______________________________________       ________________________


Track 8 ______________________________________       ________________________


(extra)  ______________________________________        ________________________


(extra)  ______________________________________        ________________________


Part III Assignment: Now that you have created the imaginary soundtrack to your life, write a reflective letter (addressed to “Dear Listener,”) that explains why you chose the particular songs that you did.  For each song you will need to reflect on the experiences, persons, places, etc. that inspired this selection.  Obviously you will also need to explain who you are as a person and then offer some type of reflection upon the imaginary album as a whole.  Again, for the purposes of this assignment, be sure that this letter is school appropriate.  Use the outline below to help you construct this letter.  You need to cover each topic listed in the appropriate number of paragraphs; however the questions listed are only there to help you begin thinking about the topic.  You do not need to answer each and every question or any of the questions as long as you have sufficiently explained the topic of each section.  Remember, in reflective writing longer is usually better!


Topic #1—Explanation of yourself (One paragraph)


            This paragraph is basically a brief autobiography:

·         Who are you?

·         Where are you from?

·         Where are you now?  Etc. etc.


Topic #2—Explanation of this soundtrack (One paragraph)


            This paragraph outlines your rationale or purpose in creating this soundtrack:

·         What is this album you have created?

·         Why are you completing it? (because it is an assignment is NOT an answer!)

·         What do you hope to get out of this project?

·         What do you see yourself doing with this later in life?

·         What goals did you have for creating it?


Topic #3—Explanation of each song on the soundtrack (One paragraph per song)


This section is made up of many smaller paragraphs.  Song by song be sure to explain:

·         What is the name of the song and the artist?

·         Why is each song important to you?

·         How does each song connect to your life?

·         What does each song reveal about the kind of person you are and what you think is important in you life?


Topic #4—Final remarks and reflection on the soundtrack as a whole (One paragraph)


This paragraph is your conclusion in which you should thank your reader for taking the time to listen to your soundtrack and offer any final reflections upon this project as a whole.


Part IV Assignment: Now that the writing portion of this assignment is complete (deep breath), it is time to present a very small section of your soundtrack to the class.  This presentation requires that you read one of your eight tracks to the class.  Also, make and explain a visual aide by creating a CD cover, concert poster or flyer, or other idea that somehow represents your soundtrack.