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Dr. Freddie A. Bowles

Associate Professor of Foreign Language Education,
the University of Arkansas.

Dr. Ronald H. Fritze

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences,
Athens State University at Athens, Alabama.

Joseph P. Dempsey

Photographer, Digital Artist, Graphic Designer,
Wordsmith, and Raconteur.
Joe Dempsey Communications
Joe Dempsey PhotoDotCom

Dr. Chris Goering

Associate Professor of English Education,
University of Arkansas.

Dylan FitzDylan

Senior Analyst and Managing Director,
The Compound in the Nevada desert near Rachel.
Author and editor of The Last Days of Planet X.

Ebenezer Bowles

CornDancer's Webmaster.

Burgundy Anderson

LitTunes Intern,
Senior at Clear Brook High School in Houston, Texas.

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