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By Joseph Dempsey Ignored

Sunday, September 9, 2007

In the American south, a good ol' boy and his truck constitute a love affair. Here a once prized companion is lying ignored, rejected and scorned in ignonomy.

What was once sparkling lacquer is now crusty ferrous oxide. The girlfriend in the passenger seat has been replaced by a big inkberry bush (that's what we called 'em as kids).

But a new model came to town. With a stereo instead of the venerable AM radio squawking tinny renditions of Buck Owens and George Jones. With fuel injection instead of a non-sexy single barrel carburetor.

One wonders if a sprinkling of Bud cans, Vienna sausage drippings, and Skoal boxes were left in the floorboard and bed as a goodbye reminder of good times gone bad. Seize the day. Life is fleeting.

N O T E :  
Nikon D200 / Sigma f4-56 10-20mm DC EX / Nikon Raw NEF / Processed in Photoshop CS3 and Photomatix.

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