July 28, 2004

Week Four.

Your Thoughtful Responses Demonstrate Increasing Mastery.

Good evening, teacher candidates,

The semester draws to a close, and we are all inundated with final projects, papers, and exams. Some of you have added responsibilities involving your major, so you are pressed from all sides. The end is nigh, so hold on until next week when you can take a breath and pause to consider just what you have accomplished this summer.

Reading, discussion, reflection, and writing constitute a master's seminar class, and you have risen to the challenge this week. I am pleased and impressed by the thoughtful responses you have written on your last two assignments.

Please continue your readings with Chapters Eight and Nine for your response assignment next week. Your last journal critique is also due. Please remember that if you are using this information for your research final, you should save the document and journal link to reference for the final.

On Monday, August 2, we will discuss Chapter Nine. Tuesday, August 3, and Wednesday, August 4, will be conference days. Class will be dismissed for those two days, but I will be in the classroom for anyone who needs to drop by and confer about the final paper. On Thursday, August 5, we will reconvene so that you can turn in your research final.

I would recommend that you take the time to read Chapters 10 and 11 for your own edification. They both relate to how you can implement multicultural education in your classrooms and make suggestions for taking a pro-active stance within your school culture. As we have discovered this semester, every child counts, and Part Three gives us a realistic view of how we can construct a learning environment in which equity in education becomes a non-issue.

Class Schedule


Culture, Identity, and Learning

To think about, p. 161 .... Post to threaded discussion


Threaded Discussion Article #2 .... Case Studies-Chapter Five

Personal Response to Chapters. 3-5 .... First Article Critique


Linguistic Diversity in U.S. Classrooms

To think about, p. 230


Case Studies-Chapter Six



Toward an Understanding of School Achievement

To think about, p. 275 .... Post to threaded discussion


Thread Discussion Article #3 .... Case Studies-Chapter Seven

Personal Response to Chapters 6-7 .... Second Article Critique


Learning from Students

To think about, p. 331


Case Studies-Chapter Eight



Multicultural Education and School Reform

To think about, p. 362 .... Post to threaded discussion


Thread Discussion Article #4 .... Myers-Briggs???

Personal Response to Chapters 8-9 .... Third Article Critique


Affirming Diversity: Implications for Teachers, Schools, and Families

To think about, p. 391


Multicultural Education in Practice

Post to threaded discussion


Myers-Briggs Results

Research Final Due


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