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RV-ATORS in Formation

Members of the Midsouth RV-ATORS performed a number of precision formation passes during the annual Wings and Wheels Fly In and Car Show at Grider Field in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, on September 20.  The aircraft these pilots are flying is an RV, named appropriately after with the initials of the engineer who developed the design.  The airplanes all come from a kit.  The pilots assembled and finished their own planes.  Thus “RV”-ATORS.

wings and wheels

Sunday, September 22, 2013
Pine Buff, Arkansas

Each September, the Razorback Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association sponsors its Wings and Wheels Fly-In and Car Show at Grider Field, the municipal airport at Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  You’ll see a lot of aircraft, old and new, together with custom cars that collect drool spots from gawking admirers.  The group invites pilots to fly in for the event and invites one or more car clubs to bring their antique and custom vehicles as well.

If you are a history buff and like airplanes and/or cars, it is a near Nirvana experience.  If you are a child, there are plenty of deer-in-the-headlight looks.  For everyone else, it is a cool event to attend.  No one leaves disappointed.


Ryan PT-19

The current crown jewel of the Razorback Chapter is this Ryan PT-19, which they restored from pitiful condition to flying condition with their own hands and funds.  There is a lot of sweat equity in this bird.  It has particular significance to Pine Bluff and Grider Field.  During World War II, Grider Field was a pilot training facility for the United States Army Air Corps.  The PT-19 was the aircraft used by the pilot trainees.


Not Their First Air Show

This pair stood next to the runway to look right down the bore as the RV-ATORS approached and then sped by upstairs.  From the looks of things, this is not their first observation of a fly-over.


Under the Hood Art

The star of the car show, at least to this observer, was under-the-hood-art displayed on this Corvette.  Only your friendly local mechanic, oil change gang, car show attendees, and fellow car aficionados get to see it, but you gotta love the visual message.

The local EAA chapter members decided on their own to restore the PT-19 and to conduct their annual fly-in and car show.  In each case, they made it happen with sweat equity and their own funds.  The aircraft adds to value to the community and the event provides entertainment and educational benefits.  You can add cooking breakfast and lunch to the list for the Saturday event.  Having consumed both, I can say they get a few gold stars for both meals.  Good job y’all.  Take tomorrow off.

See more pictures of this event in our Wings and Wheels Gallery. You’ll find 45 pictures of planes, cars, engines and more.

Photo Notes

Nikon D300 and D7100 and a bunch of different lenses, some on tripod and some hand held.  Post processed with Photoshop CC.


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